Close to the people and right in the middle of the action

The work routines in video journalism are simple: the 5-shot rule helps in standard situations. In editing you should have the courage to experiment – even if the picture jumps, it can still look good. As for narration: “good writing is simply good writing.” No matter whether you work as a team or as an individual video journalist.

A good VJ report is not so much about perfect camera work or skillful editing: It is about authentic stories, intimate observation and unexpected statements that move the audience.

On this website you will find the basic tools for creating such stories. It includes tips and tricks to enable you to work efficiently as a video journalist.

Guido Vogt, Cologne (Germany)                                                                                                       Videojournalist /freelance correspondent for international media

TV training – BBC Online

VJ-Guide Swiss Television

VJ training

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